The Non-Navigator (non_navigator) wrote in gravelmymom,
The Non-Navigator

Would the congregation open their mandarin tomes to page 46?

But these are words, man! And you couldn't put it into words.
The White Smocks liked to put it into words, like hallucination
and dissociative phenomena. They could understand the visual
skyrockets. Give them a good case of an ashtray turning into a
Venus flytrap or eyelid movies of crystal cathedrals, and they
could groove on that, Kluver, op cit., p. 43n. That was swell.
But don't you see?-the visual stuff was just the décor with
LSD. In fact, you might go through the whole experience with-
out any true hallucination. The whole thing was . . . the ex-
. . . this certain indescribable feeling . . . Indescrib-
able, because words can only jog the memory, and if there is no
memory of . . . The experience of the barrier between the
subjective and the objective, the personal and the impersonal,
the I and the not-I dissapearing . . . that feeling! . . . Or can
you remember when you were a child watching someone put a
pencil to a sheet of paper for the first time, to draw a picture
. . . and the line begins to grow-into a nose! and it is not just
a pattern of graphite line on a sheet of paper but the very mira-
cle of creation itself and your own dreams flowed into that
magical . . . growing . . . line, and it was not a picture but a
miracle . . . an experience . . . and now that you're soaring on
LSD that feeling is coming on again-only now the creation is
of the entire universe-

I can feel it coming on...
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