The Non-Navigator (non_navigator) wrote in gravelmymom,
The Non-Navigator

Lost in a haze

Come with me
take my hand
and as we fly away
to the unreal land
with marmalade faces
and red cherry eyes,
my pueblo villa
will bake in the sun
bake your mind
and bake your bun
so your mind may melt
into peanut butter bliss

phalanx lines of medieval tools
long rows unending
here lies the tangerine tome of present and past
quite never reaching
the future
but this is where you all begin,
here lie the scriptures yet unwritten
your thing your ideas your setting your deal
tablets of invisible cuneiform
try to make sense of my thoughts appeal,
and here lies the fuel
the drive
missing it
you stay alive
a green crystalline sea
ready for combustion and inhalation

will you
would you
wont you
partake of this stew
of brown and white
stems of glory,
a change of mind
might be for the best
to get lost on the ride
for omniscient rest
the black and white adventure
invites him openly

the tour guide tosses a spoon
what will it be
your free will
or your insanity
after all is it ever the same
i wield my spork with pride,
crisp munchy bunches
of reproducing spores
flowing along the tongues
of metallic radioactive evil pink utensils
on the beginning of the clementine works

concoctive caps colliding
with cream of legume
splitting fungus candy
in a rhythmic tune
swallow it down
so it wont come up,
the deed is done
placed aside
all consumed
for this one time
they wait for the overtake
of the jungle overmind

the camel hide is open
its entrails are packed
into the blue barrys
kaleidoscopic steam routed
music engine
fffft ffft fft,
mortar engulfs the resinated
green salad eclipse
flowing along highways of burning
microscopic realities that only exist
inside the thoughts of my guides
electric cerebral intake,
thc people and thc cieties
burnt away why
only so the bearded sage
just could get high
higher than his past ancestors
he wants to go back

feeling good
without a care
on an afghan rug
that does not stare
its eyes look for a universe
an open portal to the cosmos,
music of culture
a connection of prepast tense
associative conceptual minds
sending signals along the chain link fence
will it roll ashore
i feel it coming on

washing waves cascading
from the epicenter of the mind
giggle gaggling foam
bringing memories from a time
not so long ago
learning the concept of ohm,
something that tickles
the smoke that mingles
it hangs in zero gravity
only moving from the deserts rotation

and it starts getting loooooonger
your variable three times lag
calculated by gods medicine
ingested from the bag
i remember and i awake
to the bold lines of guitar,
do you feel it too
i know i sure can
my mind laughs
and wanders again
comical minature creatures
living in the crevices of eternity

yellow cornbread pulp
handed across the beams
take thanks
and devour your manic dreams
express them through windows
of separate worlds,
i understand all from within your
red clay shack
i can see through you
what do you lack
scribble along seen fill in lines
your idea becomes envisioned,
what can i think
where can i draw from
the energies of all
seep into one
that being me i begin to see
what that other reality is like

omnipotential mind processes
i seek my surroundings
your sixth finger runs
along confines of things
seen within your mind
you draw out your life so it wont escape you,
this is merely a window
for others to see
what you see yourself
to relapse to me
how we can connect
challenging alex trebek to final jeopardy

rentangular universes converging
into neurons and synapse
my mind clicks
and i notice it collapse
i see what is not written
it is what is there,
diagnol lines matching
though it is hidden
it lies in front of him
two minds in this den
curves and stillness running along
the backdrop of a one sided mirror

simple and complex
connected lines of reality
i look down to see
what has become of me
where has my mind gone
far far away,
are you ready
are you clear
your mind has wandered
but ive brought you here
to compare barriers
of distant worlds

a self portrait
but not within my mind
from behind the third eye
seen from behind
my leg protrudes behind goldenrod graphite
the lines sigh and glide,
you list your sporificating thought
a far more busy bee
with bizarre allusions
endless possibility
your encryptions puzzle me
as i decipher,
we group and congregate
among the crowd of thought
networking to understand
what we were here for and what were we taught
to not understand
now i understand

an understanding
to the world of your present,
i guess
is simply the removal of wordly thought and a dip into the cosmos
you seek higher understanding but come back to ignorance is bliss

slow motion
stop animation scenes
sliding aside
the druids greens
you dart back and forth
from your skull to the flies,
they crisscross one by one
patterns becoming bold
some becoming none
the blur of your unforgotten old
what you want to stay behind
your bad trip

try your best
you cant fool me
oh not so
my mind knows best not to think of the rest,
the internetwork of my mind
caught in a web trap
full of dust and lies
from the corner i see you nap
among the addresses and electronic
connections oscillating through wire brain cable

come join me once again
see where it begins
find out where it comes from
notice where it ends
two mind auras shifting
away from a cogent bond,
have you gone away
did you get lost on the trip
your back turns away
into a black slip
your thoughts are somewhere else
but want to come together again,
where do you exist
on that other plane
i can barely see you now
this fog becomes my bane
you want shamanic spore dreams
to fill your mind again,
seeking comfort in your bed
i run along and forget my name
among long stranding lines
contorting fibers of insanitys mane
i struggle to find consolence
in the ciclicular amnesia of

must get out
must get up
must see something
must not fuck up
my mind bursts
it overflows,
making my way downstairs
somehow finding a sink
the light flips on
my mind loses link
the radiative red glowing ressonance
palpitating dancing and waving
along what i think
are the cool niagra falls of water
extending from a faucets sink
i wonder of nothing
and i think
of how to walk back upstairs
and it all grows black

hours later woken in a daze
the guides leg grazes
my haze
and i stumble in stupor
all the while trying to relearn identity
and reality,
the camel bursts forth once more
the flint
does its work
and lights the green mint
combusting tiny thc peoples
and it all comes back to here.
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