Compton Ass Lisa (lasplx) wrote in gravelmymom,
Compton Ass Lisa

Dear Huricane Katrina,

My computer is just about ready to explode. I was trying to send something over to Laura's computer via aim and it just wasn't having it. I despise computers.

-Banana Hammock

Dear An of the drew,

Alas, I will miss the opportunity to see you rock out. I shall still venture to the island of Long sometime in the morrow.

-Lady Lisa of Albany

Dear bands,

A concert must be scheduled sometime in February that even remotely interests me. Please. I'm begging and you know how I hate to beg.

-a concert addict in withdrawl-

Dear Awesome Kat,

The time I visit depends on when you can have at least 2 consecutive days to chill out and do nothing but smoke, drink and watch awesome movies/tv shows. The House drinking game must happen. I stress this. So, let me know when you can get off of work and I will venture downward for some good old fashioned mom graveling fun.

-The chosen one
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