Compton Ass Lisa (lasplx) wrote in gravelmymom,
Compton Ass Lisa

Dear Community,

As your owner, I had put you down so you didn't linger in misery, though I left the community up so we can all remember how awesome and witty we are.

Apparently, you are stronger than you appear, as you have lured people into posting again.

Reviving you slightly,

Dear everyone,

Since this community was started in 2004, we have had many posts, inside jokes, etc. But times have changed since then. I don't speak to a great many of the community members and most of us don't even look at this thing anymore.

So, I am putting a call out. Reply to this if you still want to be part of the community.

Seriously, I sat here tonight and I read every entry since the beginning and laughed like crazy. It made me miss a lot of things...especially the good old times when we were all talking and none of the crazy shit that happened this year went down. I think from when I moved to Queens (June of 2004) that first time to halfway through living with Allie (November 2004) were the golden years of this community.

Awesome times. I miss them.


Dear Kathryn and Andrew,

You guys win gold stars for being the most devoted members!!!

good on you,

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